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Online Fixed Fee Legal Documents with Legal Advice  for Maryland residents provided by The Collaborative Law Group, Ellicott City, Maryland. We serve residents throughout the State of Maryland with this online service.

Maryland Legal FormsAs an affordable alternative, clients are now able to utilize our virtual law firm web service to obtain fixed fee legal documents in many areas of the law, including wills/trusts and estate law, family law  and business law.  eLawyerMD.com can provide over 100 legal documents, including many that are offered at no charge.

Great care should be taken when shopping around for legal documents – it is imperative to have an attorney prepare and review legal documents because only a licensed attorney can give legal advice.  At eLawyerMD.com, clients work virtually – online with, Jac Knust or Emily G. Hobbins, Maryland licensed attorneys.   Clients also have the ability to make an appointment to meet with me, or to call the office to discuss their needs.

eLawyerMD.com can expedite your legal documents as early as the next day, depending on how complex your documents are.  Nobody should be without a trust or will, power of attorney, or living will/health care power of attorney.  eLawyerMD.com  can help you file an uncontested divorce with our legal advice at a low and affordable cost. In addition, eLawyerMD.com can help you start your business by providing the legal documents the state of Maryland requires.  eLawyerMD.com can prepare these documents, and over 100 others, and can expedite them to you, for an extremely affordable fee.

Our virtual law office capability makes it convenient and easy to conduct business with our office if you are unable to schedule an office visit or if it is simply more convenient for you to work online.

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